Cataloging Related Works and Expressions

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Thu, Nov 2, 2023, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
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Including related and associated works and expressions in a catalog record can be challenging! According to RDA, in addition to fully describing and adding access points for the primary work and expression, catalogers need to be skilled at adding access points for related works and expressions. This session will cover the approved ways catalogers can record these titles in monograph cataloging records and examples of different types of relationships. It will cover recording titles for related, derivative, accompanying, and sequential resources, as well as whole-part resources for works contained within a compilation or aggregated work. Tips will be shared for practical cataloging of related works and expressions! The sessions will also cover how to use relationship designators for works and expressions from the RDA Appendix J. Examples and exercises will be included for a range of cataloging formats, especially books, sound recordings, and visual materials. (This will chiefly cover RDA chapters 24-26 and Appendix J)


  • MARC: an Introduction or working knowledge of MARC


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Andrea Morrison

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Virtual Workshop via Zoom